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5 Back to School Tips to Prevent Hair Lice (Piojos)

August 28, 2012 No Comments »

It’s almost time for my little one to head back to school.   We’re all very excited.  This summer has been lots of fun.  No doubt about it!

I know many of you parents out there may be getting ready too but I wanted to share some tips on how to prevent lice.  Head lice is one of the most annoying bugs to get rid of and its common among school-aged children.  I remember stories of kids around the barrio who had piojos (lice) and the home remedies that would be used to remove them.  Luckily, with a little education and prevention tips, you won’t have to fight off these nasty little bugs.

What is head lice?

“A louse that infests the scalp and hair of the human head and is esp. common among schoolchildren.” – Google Dictionary

Lice is a wingless parasitic bug that lives among human hair and feeds off on tiny amounts of blood drawn from the scalp.  It is not dangerous.

Photo Credit: Javier Pincemin

Tip # 1 – Inspect your child’s hair weekly.  After shampooing and conditioning, while the hair is still damp, comb thru  and inspect thoroughly.

Photo Credit: Angela Schmeidel Randall

Tip #2 – Encourage your child to hang his clothes or hat separately and not on top of another’s clothing whenever possible.

Photo Credit: Ralph Unden

Tip #3 – Sharing combs and brushes can spread lice.  Sharing isn’t caring in this case.


Tip #4 – If you’re child has long hair, long enough to style, always keep it nice and tidy.  A hair braid, like the one my little one is pictured in above, works well in preventing a lice infestation.

Photo Credit: Chris Dlugosz

Tip #5 – Wash linens in hot, soapy water regularly and especially after a sleepover.  Lice and nits can be spread this way.

You can always talk to your child’d teacher or nurse and find out what the school is doing to prevent the spread of head lice.

For more ways to prevent lice or to get rid of lice please visit the KidsHealth site.  This site provides tons of tools to better help you understand lice, prevention and treatments.

Have a happy, healthy and lice-free school year!


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