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Bertolli Weeknight Challenge: Making Weeknight Dinners Special In Under 30 Minutes #BertolliMealSoup

February 6, 2012 1 Comment »

My family lifestyle is a hectic one so when Bertolli challenged me to make a weeknight meal special with Bertolli Meal Soups in under 30 minutes  I have to admit I was a bit nervous.  My hubby and I both work full-time and have about an hour commute to and from work.  There usually isn’t enough time to make a weeknight meal really special.  By the time we all get home we’ re pooped!  Although cooking is never cumbersome,  it’s nice to know I can make dinner special without all the fuss.

Bertolli Meal Soups made our weekday night meal so special and super delicious in under 30 minutes!  I can work with that any day of the week! 

Tip #1 – A Little Planning Ahead Goes A Long Way

When it comes to planning I’m not the best but for a special weeknight dinner without the fuss I’m willing to put a little extra thought into it.  I chose to serve my family the Bertolli Tuscan Style Beef & Vegetables Soup.  It’s hearty, meaty, and full of veggies. I knew my family would love it.  To pull it off, I decided a pretty tablecloth and the warmth of a candle would really bring the feel of being in a restaurant.  Simple sides like a premade salad and some ready to toast garlic bread went perfectly well with the soup.  It’s the little things right? 

Tip #2 – Unplug

For this special weeknight dinner I applied one simple rule –  no electronics (except for the use of my phone for the photo above).  The quality of our time together became that much better.  No background noises, no pesky ringing or alerts, just us enjoying our time together.  One simple rule makes all the difference.

Tip #3 – Wine? Why not!

Another thing I love about the Bertolli  website is their recommendation of which wine your special dinner will pair with.  One less thing I had to do to pull this really amazing dinner together.  I chose an inexpensive bottle of wine to compliment the flavors in our dish.

After we raised our glasses and began to indulge in this great and restaurant quality meal and most important, our time together, we were quickly swept away from all the stresses of the week.  

We gave Bertolli Tuscan Style Beef & Vegetables Soup two thumbs up!


More about the Bertolli Meal Soups:
·      Bertolli® Frozen Meal Soups are hearty and fresh-tasting with vegetables, meats, pasta and herbs individually flash frozen at the  peak of freshness.
·      Bertolli® Frozen Meal Soups are available in the frozen aisle, and can be prepared on your stovetop in minutes.
·      With robust flavors and rich textures, new Bertolli® Frozen Meal Soups are available in four varieties: Chicken Minestrone, Roasted Chicken & Rotini Pasta, Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken, and Tuscan-Style Beef with Vegetables.

I can’t wait to see what I’ll put together this week for our special weeknight dinner! 

Learn more about Bertolli Meal Soups – Visit Bertolli on Facebook and Twitter.  

What tips do you have that make a weeknight dinner extra special?

Disclosure:  I was compensated by Bertolli to participate in the Weeknight Meal Special Challenge.  All opinions are my own.

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One Comment

  1. Lisa February 7, 2012 at 1:01 am - Reply

    YUM! That looks delish!! I’m coming over next time! LOL

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