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Their Future is Our Future

October 20, 2011 No Comments »

Halloween is around the corner and costume shopping is one of those things on my to do list.  The other day at abuela’s house, while taking part in a clean-up of an closet filled with my husband’s old clothes,  my 7 year old made a discovery.  Her father’s cap and gown hung brightly behind its plastic covering.  Being the creative individual that she is (she got it from her mama) she thought it would be a great idea to try on her dad’s old cap and gown.  An awesome Halloween costume she thought.  The look in her eyes was joyous and full of pride.  How proud she stood there, bright eyed, smiling from ear to ear while wearing the blue gown and cap.  Although we may opt out of her grand idea I could not help to envision my daughter in her own cap and gown in the future.  A successful future at that!

Do you have little ones?  Do you picture them as graduates of your old alma mater?  What a feeling it is right?  My eyes started to well up just thinking about it, me –a proud parent of a future scientist or doctor or lawyer.  The possibilities are endless and not impossible.  Instructing  our children in the right path, being supportive of their dreams, and encouraging them every step of the way can make a huge impact on their success.  Their future is our future.

This event struck a new fire in my heart and there is no better time than NOW.

Univision Es El Momento Campaign is in full speed and it’s waiting for you to grab on and take it for a ride.  Learn, teach, grow with all the tools they provide you.  Help your child find the perfect career. 

On October 21, 2011, Univision will hold a Town Hall titled “Your education is our future.”  You can watch it live on Friday at Univision.com or view the rerun on TV on Saturday at 5pm ET at Univision.  This is the main even for Education Week, part of the Es El Momento Campaign.  Tune in and be a part of this great movement and don’t forget – Stay in school!

Disclosure:  This post was provided by Latism through Gigcoin!  All opinions are my own.

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