The Best Latina Baby Girl Names

There are many great Latina baby girl names, but which are the best? Below is a list of the very best Latina baby girl names. Also, you’ll learn the meaning and origins of the names. With that said, the best names are:

1. Sofia
This is one of the best Latina baby girl names, and it’s origins has its roots in Greek. The name is derived from the Greek word for Wisdom, which is Sophia. Another interesting fact is the name was the names of several queens of both Spain and Russia and a Roman Saint. It’s no secret why this beautiful name ranks number one as the most popular Latina baby girl name.

2. Valeria
Valeria is another popular baby girl name, and one of the reasons is its meaning. Generally speaking, it means to be strong, healthy, and brave. If you’re going to be having a Latina baby girl and want her to know she is strong and brave, consider naming her Valeria.

3. Emilia
Emilia is not only of Spanish origin but also Hungarian and Italian. The meaning of Emilia is rival, and it is one of the top alternative names to Amelia and Emily. Another interesting fact about the name is that it is the feminine form of Aemilius, derived from the Latin language.

The name has also become more prevalent in modern pop culture, as the main character in the movie The Princess Diaries is Emilia. In contrast, in the hit show Game of Shows, the lead actress’s first name is Emilia.

Although Emilia is a popular Latina name, it has become popular in many other cultures. It is extremely popular in countries such as Austria and Iceland. Other areas it’s gaining popularity include Chile, Finland and Poland.

4. Maya
Maya’s meaning is water, and the name is of Greek, Hebrew, and Spanish origin. It is especially a popular choice of name in Central American culture, but it has long been popular in Greek culture. This isn’t surprising because the name was the name of the mother of Hermes.

5. Lola
This Latina name has grown in popularity, and its meaning is “lady of sorrows”. It’s so popular that many celebrities have chosen to name their baby girls Lola. Some of the most notable celebs’ kids that bear the name include Chris Rock, Kelly Ripa, Charlie Sheen, Denis Richards, and Annie Lennox.

One of the best things about the name is it has a sassy tone to it. However, it isn’t too over the top. If you want to give your baby girl a sassy name, then look no further than Lola.

6. Lucia
This is one of the best Latina baby girl names, and it is derived from the word Lux in Latin. The word means light, which is also the meaning of the name. Many people consider Lucia to be the feminine form of the name Lucy (Latinate spelling version of it) and the name Lucius. In the past, many people chose to name their baby girls this name when they were born just as daylight was breaking out.

For many years the name has ranked as the number one girl’s name in Spain. Many famous people have named their daughters Lucia. This includes Giovanni Ribisi, James Joyce, and Mel Gibson, to name a few.

7. Alejandra
One of the oldest and most well-known Latina baby girl names is Alejandra, which means defending men. Although its popularity peaked in the 90s, the name has steadily been regaining popularity. This is because both those in the Latino community and outside of the Latino community are huge fans of the name.

8. Liliana
Liliana has its roots in both Spanish and Italian origins, and it means “Lily, a flower”. Liliana is the type of name that goes well with any surname, which is a top reason it has remained popular throughout all these years. If you want to give your daughter a unique name, and one that can be shorten to several names (such as Lily, lil etc. . .), then consider giving them the name Liliana.

9. Carmen
Last on the list is Carmen. Its meaning is garden. It is one of the most classic and timeless Latina names. You’ll want to give your daughter this name if you want her to have a unique name.

There are many other great Latina baby girl names. However, the ones mentioned above are the best Latina baby girl names you should consider naming your baby girl. Here’s a tip: make a list of the names you like the most and then narrow it down to the very top five. After you do this, you can decide on which Latina baby girl name you like the best.

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