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November 6, 2012 No Comments »

Hey everyone!  I know that things have been pretty quiet around here but please forgive us.  The weather has really shook my city up and blogging was not a priority last week.  BUT… I do want to share a beautiful experience I had a couple of weeks ago with my little one.

I’m a member of this really cool group called MamaDrama.  Whenever I see an email in my inbox from them I know that I’m in for a treat.   This time around, my daughter and I were invited to Family Fun Day at 42nd Street.  Our afternoon began full of laughter and games.  We met at Dave & Buster’s restaurant.  The itinerary included an interesting family workshop conducted by The New Victory Theater‘s very own teaching artists.

The exercise helped us parents and children to work together in creating circus inspired mini performances   We laughed and laughed but I mostly laughed at myself.  In the end I accomplished something I’ve been dying to do since I was 9 years old.  Ladies and gents, I learned how to juggle three scarves! LOL!  Yes!  Not two,three!  I’m very proud of myself.  🙂 Big thanks to the The New Victory Theater for making me smile both inside and out.

We enjoyed a delicious meal provided by Dave & Buster’s which, by the way, has a great new menu out as of today! Check it out here.

After the workshop we headed to Dave and Busters’ HUGE game room.  With a VIP card in hand, my daughter and I were ready to do some damage.

Thanks to our  VIP cards, we were able to get in 30 minutes of uninterrupted game time! Woo!  Love this place.

 After we got our arcade fix….

… we were off to see URBAN! just a few steps away in The New Victory Theater.

Boy were we excited but I didn’t have any clue what we were in for.  URBAN really blew our minds.  From trapeze acts, tightrope walks and triple dutch rope sessions, this grop of incredible performers kept us on our toes.  A circus act of the future.  URBAN tells many beautiful stories about life, struggles, perseverance and what dreams are made of through some breath taking dance and acrobatics.  We had our eyes glued on the stage from beginning to end.  These resilient performers really brought almost every single emotion to life on stage.  I later learned that all the music was original.  We were very lucky to get to see this show.*  Here is a clip.  Press play and feel the rhythm.

About Urban:

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NEW VICTORY Twitter: @NewVictory

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DAVE & BUSTERS Twitter: @DaveandBusters

DAVE & BUSTERS Facebook: Dave & Busters

Now Playing at The New Victory Theatre!

Ring A Ding Ding Now through November 11, 2012 at New 42nd Street Studios.

About The New Victory Theater:

Welcome to The New Victory Theater—a place where storytellers reign alongside daredevils, puppets, rock stars, break dancers and—most of all—kids. Since The New Victory Theater opened its doors in 1995, it has become a cultural rite of passage for the youngest of New Yorkers. For many of the almost 2 million people who have passed through our doors, The New Victory marks their very first theatrical experience.

How do you spend a family fun day? 



Disclosure:  No monetary compensation for this post.  This experience was provided by MamaDrama.  All opinions are my own.

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